We’re just weeks away from Halloween, and while temperatures have started to cool down, Selena Gomez will be turning Oct. 31 Frozen this year — along with an adorable, two-year old side kick.

“I’m going [trick-or-treating] with my little sister, she’s two,” she said of her Halloween plans while chatting with The Morning Mash Up this week. “We are going as the Frozen sisters. I’m Elsa, but proportion-wise it’s gonna be really interesting because she’s like two and I’m 23 … She wants to be the one with braids, and so I’m Elsa. I have a blonde wig, and I’m gonna do the whole makeup thing.”

Although her Halloween will be Frozen, things are heating up for Gomez, who is riding high off the success of her confessional, provocative new album, Revival, and its latest single, Same Old Love.

“Honestly I feel so good,” Gomez said about her album finally being out. “It was like a year and a half, and then talking about it, and then people asking me, then I’m like just hear it, like don’t ask me, just hear it.”

The new album isn’t her only recent success. Hotel Transylvania 2, for which she voices the character Mavis, just grossed a worldwide total of $207.7 million.

“It was so fun. It was insane actually that it did [so well],” Gomez said about the film’s success. “I mean it’s a great movie, but do you know what I mean? I put a baseball cap on, and I went to the theater, and I watched it – just hearing the kids laugh. And one little girl looked at her mom, and she was like, ‘She is so cool,’ and I know she has no idea it’s my voice, but I felt like it was me [she was talking about].”

She’s not only seeing success in her career these days, but in her personal life as well, now that she’s in remission from lupus – a disease she recently revealed was the cause of her time away from the spotlight.

“Honestly it still kinda makes me a little uncomfortable to talk about it, but you know it’s something that happens to people, and I think I had to figure it out and be comfortable and confident enough to kind of get it out there,” she said about coming out to the public about her condition. “I just have to turn a negative into a positive, ultimately, because I’ll get to visit children’s hospitals…and I can connect to people on a different level because I’ve experienced something like it. So I gotta just focus on that, but I’m good. I’m healthy. It’s in remission. I’m good.”

Now that’s she’s healthy, what about her love life?

Although Nicole tried to hook her up with Charlie Puth (and inadvertently started a dating rumor), Gomez revealed what she’s actually looking for in a potential partner.

“I don’t know, honestly, nice — just like nice,” she said simply. “I’ve been on a few dates, but I’m way too busy at the moment. I’m not just saying that to be political – genuinely. But I have crushes and things. I just want someone nice and normal.”

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