Sean Payton: ‘We’re in the quarterback business always’

NFL Radio - 2014 TCT - Saints - Sean PaytonSean Payton considers the New Orleans Saints “fortunate” to have a quarterback that “gives us a chance to win each week.”

That would be Drew Brees.

‘Certainly, you pay attention to it when your quarterback’s older’

But Payton also knows that his iconic QB is 38 years old and that the Saints have to be giving serious thought about finding a replacement.

“I think that topic exists and has existed because of the nature of the position,” Payton told Bruce Murray and Brady Quinn on the SiriusXM Blitz. “I think we’re in the quarterback business always because they’re so difficult to find. And there’s been a year or two we’re close to drafting maybe a player (at the position) and he went a little before we were ready to pick. And certainly you pay attention to it when your quarterback’s older.

‘He’s operating an extremely, extremely high level’

“Now, that being said, evaluating Drew and watching him and watching the way he trains and prepares, he’s operating at an extremely, extremely high level. And today’s elite quarterback, compared to where we were 20 years ago, it’s amazing to see their attention to detail when it comes to detail, but beyond that — nutrition, sleep, hydration — all these other elements, we’re just further along in regards to the science of training athletes.

“It’s an extremely important position for the team and we’re fortunate, I’m fortunate, that currently, in our building and on our roster, we have someone that gives us a chance to win each week.”

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