‘Scream Queens’: Jamie Lee Curtis says there may be a Halloween homage!

The original scream queen — well, besides her mom, Psycho star Janet Leigh — may return to her roots.

In season 1 of Fox’s hit Scream Queens, Jamie Lee Curtis paid tribute to her mother’s famous (and fatal) shower scene. Season 2 will be set at a mental institution three years later, the star told Entertainment Weekly Radio at Comic-Con in San Diego on Friday.  And unlike creator Ryan Murphy’s other anthologies, it’ll bring back the deliciously deranged characters from Wallace University.

“He reminded me that Halloween 2 was set in a hospital. The entire movie is set in a hospital. Which he reminded me. I had to be reminded of that, but then I remembered,” Curtis joked of the sequel to the horror film that made her famous.

So will we see a scene reminiscent of the 1981 slasher flick?

“I’m smelling homage. I’m smelling homage de fromage. I think there will be some homage-ing,” Curtis said slyly.

See photos of and a Facebook live video with the cast below. And you can listen to the full interview on demand by searching “Scream Queens” on the SiriusXM app.

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