Scotty McCreery covers Garth Brooks, tells harrowing story of robbery

A little bit country, a little bit B&E? Country singer Scotty McCreery joined SiriusXM’s The Highway to perform his own hit Feelin’ It in addition to a cover of Garth Brooks’ Papa Loved Mama for an audience of SiriusXM subscriber super-fans on The Highway during CMA Week. But not before he shared a scary story about being robbed this May.

Lightening up the story by saying he “didn’t even get a chance to finish [his] fries,” McCreery expressed gratitude that his and his friends’ “bro night” robbery on Cinco de Mayo didn’t go worse. “[The robbers] pushed on in and had guns, two pistols, an assault rifle … They only took things that were replaceable. Phones and laptops and stuff like that. We’re all still alive and breathing and that’s something to be thankful for, for sure. It was scary, but we all got out alive, so it’s all good.”

Feelin’ It is the second single from McCreery’s album, See You Tonight. The song is a perfect feel-good summertime tune with a catchy beat.

The 20 year old North Carolina native also did a passionate and energetic cover of Garth Brooks’ Papa Loved Mama.

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