Everything you need to know heading into the weekend in the world of sports.

Pop. Sizzle.

The biggest story of the week was also the first major story of the week: The San Antonio Spurs winning their fifth NBA Championship on Sunday night, beating the Miami Heat for the fourth time in five games. Adam kicked off the show on Monday talking about how great it is to watch Spurs basketball.

The Spurs lost Game 6 and 7 last year in Miami, blowing a 3-2 series and a shot at a championship. They had extra motivation this year to get a measure of revenge … and did they ever! The unselfish Spurs exploited the weaknesses on Miami and won each game convincingly. Head coach Gregg Popovich even poked some fun at LeBron James’ infamous “Not one, not two, not three” speech from the Miami Heat pep rally years ago, when the Spurs celebrated during their parade on Wednesday.

As for LeBron and the future of the Big Three in Miami, they all have opt-out clauses in their contracts, and can become free agents this summer. But will they?

Interview Of The Week

Adrian Wojnarowski, the outstanding NBA insider for Yahoo Sports and Fox Sports 1, joined Adam on Tuesday and talked extensively about the futures of LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony (who, like the Big Three in Miami, can opt out of his contract). Wojnarowski pointed out that it’s clear Pat Riley will have to show LeBron a detailed plan as to how they can climb back to the top of the mountain, but did say he feels the Heat have an advantage in that there is no ready-made contender that LeBron could go to this offseason. Will LeBron, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh all decide to stay or go their separate ways?

Wojnarowski reported over the weekend that Carmelo is leaning toward opting out of the final year of his contract to sign with the Chicago Bulls or Houston Rockets. He also brings up a great point on how Phil Jackson should probably stop talking about Carmelo taking a paycut, when Jackson took $60 million to sign with the Knicks. Wouldn’t you be annoyed if your boss asked you to take less money the following year, while he simultaneously got a nice bonus during the holidays? (Especially if there are better opportunities for career growth elsewhere …) Carmelo could easily turn the Knicks money down, make great money in another NBA city, and play on a team in a better position to win an NBA championship.

Underrated Story of the Week

ESPN basketball insider Jeff Goodman joined Schein on Sports on Thursday after he wrote about top NBA draft prospect Joel Embiid injuring his foot in an offseason workout – an injury later revealed to be a stress fracture. Embiid was already a somewhat risky prospect after dealing with a back injury this past season, which forced him to miss the Big XII tournament and the NCAA Tournament. This new injury will likely remove him from consideration for the top overall pick in next week’s NBA Draft, as the Cleveland Cavaliers could easily take Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker No. 1.

The team that stands to be the biggest loser with the Embiid injury is the Philadelphia 76ers, who pick third overall. The consensus Top 3 for the last month has been some combination of Embiid, Wiggins and Parker. Now, Wiggins and Parker are virtual locks to go 1-2 overall, leaving the Sixers with a difficult decision at three.

Of course, the Sixers would be picking second if the NBA didn’t use the draft lottery system, but you know how Adam feels about that:

GIF of the week

Bartolo Colon at the plate this season is must-watch baseball. Colon signed with the Mets this offseason after spending many years in the American League, and he hasn’t played in the National League since 2002 when he was with the Expos. As you might be aware, he’s a big boy.

Colon fat

Of course, now that he’s in the NL, it means he has to hit. Or at least try and fail miserably.

Colon swing and miss

So why am I dedicating several GIFs to Bartolo Colon? Because he got a base hit the other day, which can only mean one thing:



I’m not sure if Colon is winded after “legging out” this double, or just laughing at his teammates ribbing him from the dugout, but it’s a sight to behold. Never change, Bartolo Colon.

What to Watch This Weekend

With the winter sports finally reaching their respective offseasons and baseball in midseason form, this is the slowest weekend in sports in months. You know what that means guys.

You’ve been sitting on your butt every weekend for the last nine months watching college football, the NFL, college basketball, the NBA, the Triple Crown and everything else you could find to avoid going out and doing things around the house. This weekend, take that special someone out for a nice dinner on Saturday night to show how much you appreciate them.

After that’s done, plop yourself down on the couch on Sunday at 6 pm ET to watch the U.S. Men’s National Team take on Portugal in the World Cup.

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