Adam Schein gets it. You’re excited. Rory McIlroy’s got three major championships following his wire-to-wire win at The Open Championship this weekend.

But please, bite your tongue before making the Tiger Woods-in-his-prime comparisons.

Monday on his Mad Dog Sports Radio program Schein on Sports, Schein gave McIlroy his credit, but then offered a reality check to fans.

Rory McIlroy is fantastic. And he deserves so much credit. Shooting a 71 to finish 17-under, my goodness, that’s remarkable. There was no competition. And Rory, this is pretty historic. Third youngest player to win his first three majors at the age of 25. Wow. It’s pretty remarkable. When you consider the other two names are Jack and Tiger, it’s pretty remarkable. I have to say, I think Rory right now is in rarefied air. I think he’s in a zone. I think he’s supremely confident. I think that he’s dominant. I think he’s fantastic to watch. I’d be very careful before you start making that leap – very, very careful – before you start saying that Rory’s gonna be the next Tiger. Rory’s playing at an amazing level; he’s not Tiger Woods in his prime. I’m sorry, but if I hear that again, I’m going to go bonkers. Rory McIlroy is doing a hell of a job, and his career is off to an amazing start. There has never been a moment where I’ve watched him play and said, “That’s the guy, that’s the next Tiger Woods.” No. Not yet. I give Rory a ton of credit, but I’m not ready to anoint him, I’m not ready to crown him. Not gonna crown him today. He is not the next Tiger Woods.

SiriusXM PGA TOUR Radio’s Matt Adams, meanwhile, was willing to say that McIlroy’s win – and The Open Championship leaderboard – suggested a “changing of the guard” in golf.

Phil won this last year. Tiger was the story coming in because it was Tiger coming back to Hoylake where he had won in 2006. And who do we see but Rory McIlroy, who had won convincingly at Wentworth earlier this year at the BMW PGA Championship, a flagship event of the European Tour. And then he wins – how can you say otherwise – convincingly at The Open Championship with rounds of 66, 66, 68 and 71. Is this, do you think, a changing of the guard? And as you […] go through these names in this leaderboard, does it not seem to support that perspective?

For reference, click to see The Open Championship leaderboard to which Adams referred.

So what about Tiger? Schein made a pair of bold proclamations that he hopes Tiger can prove wrong in the coming years:

“Tiger Woods will never win another major.”

“Tiger Woods, as an all-time great, as a legend, is dead.”

Listen to the full monologue below.

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