Brian Hoyer is a lot of things, says Adam Schein. He’s “someone that you want to date your sister.” But one thing he’s not? A starting NFL quarterback. And because of that, Schein said Thursday on his Mad Dog Sports Radio program, Schein on Sports, the Cleveland Browns made a “huge mistake” by going with Hoyer as their starting quarterback instead of Johnny Manziel.

“If I am a fan of the Cleveland Browns, I am livid,” Schein said. “Mike Pettine fouled this up in every possible way. The Browns organization, just when you think they can turn the corner and get it right, Cleveland fails. It’s like the same old Browns, and that’s not good.”

Schein’s biggest problem with the selection of Hoyer to start under center? The sixth-year pro hasn’t done anything thus far this preseason to stand out.

“It’s not like Brian Hoyer went out and earned this job,” Schein said. “You know, if Brian Hoyer grossly outplayed Johnny Manziel, you know what I’d have to say: ‘I don’t like it, but Brian Hoyer went out and he earned it.’ Anyone who’s watched Cleveland in the preseason: Does anyone think Brian Hoyer’s earned it? Has Brian Hoyer once – gimme the play, gimme the drive, gimme the series, gimme the sequence – once, has Brian Hoyer looked the part of a starting quarterback?”

That said, Schein hasn’t exactly been thrilled with Manziel’s attitude this preseason.

“I am so disappointed with Johnny Manziel. I didn’t like Johnny’s commentary yesterday watching his news conference after they named Brian Hoyer the guy. ‘I’m going to keep doing my thing, I’m not changing my ways.’ Well you should change your ways,” Schein said. “You just got beat out for the starting quarterback job by a backup. By a journeyman backup. And if that doesn’t wake you the hell up, then what else is going to? C’mon, Johnny.”

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