Sam Champion called it the biggest pain he experienced in his life – the aftermath of coming out to his father.

Wednesday on The Howard Stern Show, Champion recalled revealing to his father that he was gay.

I was always a pretty defiant kid, and he raised me to be that way. So when this became a topic that he didn’t like – and he actually said that he was disappointed in my choice. And I said to him, “If you think this is a choice, then you’re not the man I think you are. You’re not as smart as I think you are. Nobody would choose to make their life incredibly difficult, and there’s a ceiling as to how high I can rise now, in what I do, and what I love to do, because of who I am.”

Champion told Howard that he didn’t speak with his father for two years after coming out, and as a result, Champion felt he had “disappointed” his dad.

Later on, Champion’s dad was diagnosed with cancer. And following the diagnosis, the two reconnected.

“He said, ‘I’m very proud of the man you are,'” Champion recalled. “And to me, that was the most wonderful moment.”

Listen to additional clips from Howard’s interview with Champion below:

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