Rumer Willis admits weirdness when mom started dating her tween crush Ashton Kutcher

We’d like to take you back to a time long ago when you were just a regular American tween. Perhaps you had candy flavored lip gloss, a BFF who you told EVERYTHING and posters of your favorite heartthrobs on your bedroom walls. Now imagine if your mom brought home one of those heartthrobs and introduced him as her new boyfriend. Ew, gross!

That’s exactly what happened to Rumer Willis when her mom Demi Moore started dating Ashton Kutcher. “It was definitely weird for a minute,” Willis said before commending him for being a great step-father. “But that’s when you just open up your Teen Beat, you take him down and you rip out somebody else and put him up.”

But at the end of the day, Willis was happy for her mom. “Yeah girl, get it!”

Hear her describe the whole experience on The Howard Stern Show:

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