Plenty of horror films got cut (slasher pun intended) in round 1. The only real surprise to some movie buffs might be that the 1980s vampire flick The Lost Boys beat out the original blood sucker, Nosferatu. Otherwise it’s only fitting that the classics are still in the running while the newer flicks like Paranormal Activity, The Ring and 30 Days of Night are dead in their tracks. Round 2 just made the fight a whole lot more interesting, though, as we pit these iconic horror films against one another. Which Stephen King movies will make it to round 3, and devil vs. devil—doesThe Exorcist or Rosemary’s baby possess what it takes to win?

Undead Movies – VOTE HERE
Night of the Living Dead vs. 28 Days Later
The Lost Boys vs. Dawn of the Dead

Supernatural Movies – VOTE HERE
The Shining vs. Carrie
Poltergeist vs. Pet Semetary

Satanic Movies – VOTE HERE
The Exorcist vs. Rosemary’s Baby
The Omen vs. Evil Dead

Slasher Movies – VOTE HERE
Halloween vs. Nightmare on Elm Street
Friday the 13th vs. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Rules: If it’s a series, we’re talking about the first one. If there are remakes, we’re talking about the original.

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