Roseman: Senior Bowl did plenty to convince Eagles to get Wentz

Carson WentzWhen the Philadelphia Eagles’ personnel staff and coaches were at the Senior Bowl last year, they got their first up-close look at what they believe is going to be their long-term answer to success at quarterback.

Carson Wentz won them over with his practices and how he handled himself when they interviewed him.

‘It was our first chance to see him throw live’

The Eagles were so smitten with Wentz, that they knew they had to make the blockbuster trade with the Cleveland Browns to acquire the second overall pick of the draft to get him.

“We had watched all the tape and when we got here, it was our first chance to see him throw live and getting the chance to see the ball come out of his hand for the first time, being on field level with him, the velocity, the presence that he has in the huddle, his size, his athleticism, just watching him warmup,” Eagles executive vice president of football operations Howie Roseman told Tom Pelissero and Mark Dominik on Late Hits. “And then we got to spend some time with him in the interview process and (saw examples of) his photographic memory, he’s a sharp guy.

‘We’ve got to figure out a way to get Carson Wentz’

“When we all left here, we said, ‘We’ve got to figure out a way to get Carson Wentz.’ Without a second-round pick, it seemed like a little bit of a pipe dream at the time, but we were fortunate to work our way up and get Carson and we’re excited about the future with him.”

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