The American South looms large on Rosanne Cash’s acclaimed new album, The River & The Thread.

During two separate appearances on SiriusXM Outlaw Country, Cash reunited with old friends and musical peers Buddy Miller and Jim Lauderdale (Buddy & Jim Show) and Steve Earle (Hardcore Troubadour Radio) to discuss the inspiration behind the album, including recent road trips to the boyhood home of her father, Johnny Cash, in Dyess, AR, her own birthplace in Memphis, TN, and the historically rich Mississippi bottomland that stretches beneath it.

While visiting Miller’s home studio in Nashville, Cash also delved into the “vortex” that led her to the Tallahatchie bridge (immortalized in the Bobbie Gentry song Ode to Billie Joe), and the challenges and benefits of working with her husband, producer/guitarist John Leventhal.

She also caught up with Earle at the SiriusXM studios in their adopted hometown New York City, where she and Leventhal performed acoustic versions of songs from the album, including the pop tour de force Modern Blue, posted below.

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