Rodney McLeod: Up to ‘leaders in the locker room’ to make sure Eagles maintain Super standard

In the midst of all of the euphoria since hoisting the Vince Lombardi Trophy earlier this month, the Philadelphia Eagles want it known that they have no intention of this being a one-time thing.

As safety Rodney McLeod recently pointed out to Bruce Murray and Mark Dominik on the SiriusXM Blitz, the Eagles believe the Super Bowl should be something they expect to reach each year rather than a happy accident.

‘We have to be just as motivated as last year’

And in order for that to happen, McLeod and other veteran players on the roster are putting it on themselves to make sure all of their teammates recognize and maintain that standard of excellence.

“I think it’s going to be up to us leaders in the locker room to make sure that message gets across to everyone, that now we put ourselves in the position that we want,” McLeod said. “We’re Super Bowl champs, but now we have to go out and defend that. We have to be just as motivated as last year, but at the end of the day, that’s why we play this game. We play¬† this game each year to be the ones holding that trophy.

”This is going to be our schedule from here on out”

“And I think with the group of guys we have, our coach, Doug (Pederson), immediately as soon as we got back, he said, ‘Guys, get used to this. This is going to be our schedule from here on out. Get used to having two months of training, then you have to report back. This is just going to be the way of life of the Philadelphia Eagles from here on out.’ And guys truly believed in that and that’s going to be the message that’s going to be preached until we get back April 16th.”

A large part of what will be reinforced within the team is a forward-looking approach.

‘We’re moved on and we have new goals’

“Forget everything that happened in the past,” McLeod said. “We’re moved on and we have new goals and we’ve got to figure out how to get it done.”

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