Robert Downey Jr. talks about passing on ‘Gravity’ and walking out of recent interview

We all saw Gravity with George Clooney and Sandra Bullock. But imagine that award-winning thriller starring Robert Downey Jr. and Angelina Jolie, instead!

Downey talked to Howard Stern about passing up on the role after learning what shooting the sci-fi film would entail.

“I went to do a test with a new sort of multi-spherical camera thing … for all the CGI. I’m one of those guys who can be comfortably uncomfortable pretty easily. Maybe I was just on my cycle or something, but I went in the morning to do that and we did it for about 20 minutes. I said, ‘This is crazy. How much longer?’ and they go, ‘It’s another two to four hours,’ and I said, ‘no it isn’t!’ You gotta leave before you flip out.”

Downey also talked about walking out of a recent interview with Channel 4’s Krishnan Guru-Murthy after the reporter started asking questions about the actor’s “dark periods.”

“I just wish I’d left sooner,” Downey said. “I’m always assuming the social decorum is in play. We’re promoting a super hero movie.  A lot of kids are going to see it. This has nothing to do with your creepy, dark agenda that I’m feeling all of a sudden ashamed and obligated to accommodate.”

And on a better note, Downey says he and ex-girlfriend Sarah Jessica Parker got together recently for dinner.

“We were able to spend some time together and it was really cool,” Downey said. He added that time and space has given him a lovely perspective on his former partner.

“She is so great and so cool and so funny and so in command. And I got to meet her kids and I saw the way that she and Matthew [Broderick] live and I respect both of them so much.” Aww!

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