Richard Sherman on Seahawks’ defense: ‘We always want to be the best unit to ever put cleats on’

The goal never changes.

The Seattle Seahawks’ defense won’t settle for being good. It’s greatness … or nothing.

‘We’re always raising the bar’

“It’s always the same challenge,” cornerback Richard Sherman told Pat Kirwan and Jim Miller during the SiriusXM NFL Radio training camp tour stop at Seahawks’ camp. “We’re always raising the bar. We always want to be the best unit to ever put cleats on. And that’s the standard and that’s every day, every play, every tackle. That’s why … we don’t subscribe to the notion that corners just kind of go out there and you sweep the legs or nothing.

“No, you come up there and you put your body on him. And every single person that steps on that field, all 11 on defense better be able and willing to put your body on somebody if that’s what the play requires. And that’s what we do every year.”

‘(People) were like, ‘Oh, my God! Look how terrible they’ve become’

In 2016, the Seahawks dealt with key defensive injuries that contributed to their slipping from first in the NFL in fewest points allowed and second in yards allowed in 2015 to third and fifth, respectively. Sherman thinks they drew unfair criticism.

“Last year, we get banged up,” Sherman said. “We had a few games where we were off and I think ended up ranked like two or three. And (people) were like, ‘Oh, my God! Look how terrible they’ve become. They’ve fallen so far from the top.’ It’s like, well, yeah, I appreciate you holding us to our own standard, but …”

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