Rep. Grayson: “one man, using one weapon killed 50 people in 5 minutes”

“I woke up this morning in a fit of rage,” Andy Cohen said Monday on Radio Andy when speaking about the terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida. Fifty people are confirmed dead, and another 53 were injured in the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. The two guns used in the shooting at Pulse Nightclub on Sunday morning were purchased legally.

“I can’t stop thinking about the AR-15, which is the assault rifle that was used in this and in the last movie theater shooting and in killing all those kids in Sandy Hook,” Cohen said. “So why does anyone need an assault rifle outside of someone in the military?”

“It’s a very sad time for so many people right now,” Rep. Alan Grayson, who represents Orlando, told Ari-Rabin-Havt. “I think we need to return to the assault weapons ban.”

Cohen continued, “This a**hole was on a watch list, but 54 senators last November voted against banning people on watch lists from buying guns.”

Cohen isn’t alone in his frustration with Congress. Grayson highlighted the inability for Democrats to vote on any type of gun safety legislation “since the Republicans took over the House.” And Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut expressed his anger directed toward his colleagues for “closing their eyes and ears” to the epidemic of mass shootings.

“Let’s think about this,” Grayson added. “One man, using one weapon killed 50 people in 5 minutes. What makes that possible? The gun.”

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