Reefer Radio: A Mile High Celebration lights up SiriusXM’s Raw Dog Comedy Hits

Airing 8/2 at 4:20 am ET – 8/3 at 4:20 pm ET on  Raw Dog Comedy Hits Oh the jokes and puns we could make are endless: Blaze, light it up, pass the dutchie, up in smoke … but bottom line is this weekend, Reefer Radio: A Mile High Celebration, is taking over Raw Dog Comedy Hits, Ch. 99, to cover the Mile High Celebration from the Denver County Fair’s first-ever “Pot Pavilion.”

Listeners will hear from fair goers and exhibitors, and experience special coverage of the fair’s Blue Ribbon competitions including “hash brownie bake-offs,” “speed rolling,” and “Doritos-eating contests.”  The all-day/all-night broadcast will also feature specially selected music, comedy in the marijuana spirit as well as original content from High Times Magazine.

Here’s just a taste of the ‘kind’ of programming you’ll here from Howard 100’s very own Shuli, “Half Man – Half Amazing.”

And here’s a little music to get you in the mood.

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