When a team loses ten games in a row, it becomes feisty. When a feisty team in the midst of a ten game slide is the defending world champions, it becomes angry. Red Sox catcher David Ross talked about Boston’s recent roller coaster ride, losing ten in a row before a seven game winning streak ended last night, on First Pitch with Todd Hollandsworth and Jim Memolo.

“When you lose 10 in a row you get a little angry at the losing. When you’re not doing things the right way and losing sometimes you got to fight your way out of those holes.”

The Red Sox have been doing plenty of fighting lately, especially when they meet with the Tampa Bay Rays. The two teams have a history of bench-clearing incidents dating back to Pedro Martinez hitting Gerald Williams in 2000 to Coco Crisp charging James Shields in 2008. On May 25th, Rays SS Yunel Escobar stole third base while the Rays were leading 8-3 in the 7th inning. Escobar, Rays infielder Sean Rodriguez, and Red Sox OF Jonny Gomes were each ejected from the game. “This team is competitive,” Gomes told Inside Pitch with Casey Stern and Jim Bowden. “He stole a bag up a bunch of runs and [our] guys were vocal about it.” “Personally, I don’t care about the stolen base, I’m trying to score six or seven runs the last two innings. I’m focused on winning the ball game.”

Gomes said he had a bigger problem with Escobar’s response to the stolen base.

“When you come off the bag, take your helmet off, basically challenging the whole dugout. I didn’t come in with a big haymaker to the back of his head or headlock. I came in with a little hands on contact to let him know that’s not cool.”

Ross thought the Red Sox were a bit to blame for the incident escalating.

“Maybe we jumped the gun yelling at him a little bit. I played with Yuni and he can do some different things, but he wasn’t in the wrong there. I think we were a little on edge to say the least.”

Five days later, the two teams met again in Boston with Rays ace David Price on the mound. Price struggled against Boston last season during the American League Division Series, allowing two home runs to Red Sox slugger David Ortiz. Price hit Ortiz during his first at-bat on Friday night leading home plate umpire to issue warnings. Ross believes Price intentionally threw at Ortiz because he was still angry about the postseason.

“It was clear that it was on purpose,” Ross told MLB Network Radio. “I think that was a personal thing for him. I think he wanted to get back at David for watching the home run last year. I think he took offense to that and stewed over that all off season, personally my take.”

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