Real Estate turns George Harrison’s Behind That Locked Door into indie-pop paradise on SiriusXMU

How legendary is George Harrison’s 1970 single Behind That Locked Door? Let’s review: 1) It’s originally from Harrison’s third studio album, All Things Must Pass, 2) Harrison wrote it about Bob Dylan — or, more specifically, about Dylan’s elusive reputation, and 3) Phil Spector served as the track’s co-producer. Plus, Behind That Locked Door is a rare look into Harrison’s predilection toward country music. Without overstating the obvious, it’s a challenging song to cover (let alone cover well).

That said, New Jersey indie-rock collective Real Estate proved up to the task during a recent SiriusXMU Sessions, where they performed an on-point rendition of Harrison’s Behind That Locked Door.

Strummed in their trademark echoing guitar, Harrison’s country-folk classic got an indie-pop makeover courtesy of Martin Courtney & Co. Think it’ll turn up as a bonus track on the boys’ upcoming LP, Atlas (out March 4)? Probably not, but one can hope.

Check out the track below.

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