Rashad McCants, Mary Willingham share more details about UNC academic scandal

Recently, the NCAA announced they will reopen its investigation into the academic scandal at the University of North Carolina.

Rashad McCants, a former UNC basketball player guard who won a national championship with the school in 2005, announced last month that he was a part of the scandal. McCants alleged he didn’t write his own papers, and no-show or “paper classes” helped keep him eligible to play basketball.

McCants joined College Sports Today with Mark Packer last Friday and clarified his comments, specifically about his relationship with Roy Williams.

I don’t see how there was a relationship to sever. I came out talking about my experience academically at UNC, he came out discrediting me. […] There was never really a relationship between me and Roy. I was the player, and he was the coach. It doesn’t mean that every player on every team is friends with their coach.

Monday on College Sports Today, McCants joined the show again alongside former UNC academic tutor Mary Willingham.

McCants told Packer and Eddie George about his lack of choice for which major to take while at UNC.

I was really ushered into [an African American studies major] from the moment I stepped on campus. I didn’t have a luxury to say, “I want to go do this or that.” It was, “Take these classes, these were the less time consuming classes, and you don’t have to do much.”

Earlier this year, Willingham released her research, that found 60 percent of UNC basketball and football players between 2002 and 2012 were reading at a fourth to eighth grade reading level. After UNC officials found her research inappropriate and incorrect, Willingham resigned.

Willingham told Packer and George about her experience as a tutor for the athletic department.

“I realized right away that we had a paper-class system that was helping to keep our athletes eligible,” Willingham said. “I asked the advisers that I worked with about it, and they said, ‘Never mind that, that’s just to help make sure that athletes can stay eligible.'”

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