Rand Paul: It’s ‘scary’ people want to vote for Bernie Sanders

While still a long shot, self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders continues to close the gap on heavy favorite Hillary Clinton in the Democratic presidential race. During a SiriusXM Patriot Town Hall, Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul called the growing support for Sanders scary.

“The thing that scares me more about the election than the Republicans or anything is actually that a significant portion of our population is wanting to choose Bernie Sanders, that they’re willing to embrace socialism,” Paul said. “Socialism is a failed system, it leads to poverty, but it’s also ultimately predicated upon force.”

Paul, a Kentucky senator, made bold statements about Sanders’ philosophy.

“Look at the ultimate cause of what he is for,” Paul said. “It can only be accomplished at the point of a gun.”

Paul also live-tweeted during Monday’s CNN Democratic town hall in Des Moines, Iowa, with most of his tweets aimed at Sanders.

Sanders said he would expand health care to everyone as a government-provided service, to which Paul responded:

Paul also poked fun at Sanders’ trademark high-volume answers:

He even took aim at news that Sanders was honored with a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor called “Bernie’s Yearning.”

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