Radio Row: Rob Riggle names his favorite movie roles

How do you go from a conversation about Jeff Daniels’ acting chops to a discussion about LL Bean, Old Navy and Abercrombie & Fitch? Find your way over to Evan & Phillips in the Morning at Radio Row.

Actor Rob Riggle dropped by the set late Wednesday morning to promote his busy week of Super Bowl appearances. Riggle revealed to Evan Cohen, Steve Phillips and Mike Babchik that the scene from 21 Jump Street when he was shot in the “ding-a-ling” was improvised. (If you didn’t just eat and you want to watch the explicit scene, have at it.)

Riggle also spoke with the crew about his favorite movie role.

“The Hangover was a really special movie,” Riggle said. “I had a lot of fun on Step Brothers, but 21 Jump Street was a really good time. Chan and Jonah are fun dudes to hang out with, and the directors […] were fantastic.”

The conversation then took a few left turns – Riggle even entertained the idea of playing Richard Sherman in a movie – before it landed on Babchik’s oversized shoes.

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