Quinn on what Browns should do with top pick: Garrett ‘the better route to go’

In the opinion of a former Cleveland Browns quarterback, the team would be wise not to address it’s current QB situation with the top overall pick of the NFL Draft.

As far as Brady Quinn is concerned, it makes more sense for the Browns to use the choice on Texas A&M edge rusher Myles Garrett rather than North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky … or any quarterback for that matter.

‘No one’s sold on the quarterbacks’

Quinn likely would have felt differently a year ago, but this year, given the quality of the available QBs, he is all for the idea of the Browns going for a pass-rusher.

“Would Myles Garrett have been the No. 1 overall pick in last year’s draft based on the quarterback class that we had? Probably not,” Quinn said on the SiriusXM Blitz. “And I think that’s where it kind of comes to this year. And you look at this quarterback class as far as how they’re projected, whether they’re going to be in the first round or not, the problem is, no one’s sold on the quarterbacks.

‘Because of Myles Garrett’s size … I think he just seems like the safer pick’

“So because of that, I think that’s why you get more people thinking that, because of Myles Garrett’s size, athleticism and his production, what he kind of looks like he could be, I think he just seems like the safer pick. And at this point in time, maybe that’s the better route to go.”

A year ago, two quarterbacks, Jared Goff and Carson Wentz, were the top two picks of the draft. Quinn would have had a different view of Garrett’s stock.

‘You can’t compare Mitchell Trubisky to last year’s quarterbacks’

“You can’t compare Mitchell Trubisky to last year’s quarterbacks, I think, in an unbiased way because we’ve seen Jared Goff, we’ve seen Carson Wentz,” Quinn said. “So now that we’ve seen him, I think no matter how we go about trying to stack them against one another, we look at Jared Goff and we may have said, ‘Well, Mitchell Trubisky looked like he would have been a better first-round pick than Jared Goff because of his rookie season. And then you look at Carson Wentz and say, ‘Well, he had a pretty solid rookie season.’ I wouldn’t put Mitchell Trubisky ahead of Carson Wentz.”


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