Quinn on Taylor’s restructured contract with Bills: ‘It’s an awful deal for Tyrod’

As far as Brady Quinn is concerned, there is no comparison.

Tyrod Taylor is a far better quarterback than Mike Glennon, and that would have been reflected by the contract he received as a free agent. Except, Taylor isn’t entering free agency. He decided to remain with the Buffalo Bills under a restructured contract that no longer obligates the team to pay him $30.75 million in guaranteed money that would have been due had he remained on the team past March 11 at 4 p.m.

‘Tyrod Taylor has done more with less in Buffalo’

Meanwhile, Glennon, who has been a backup with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, reportedly is set to make nearly $15 million per year in a contract he is expected to sign with the Chicago Bears. Quinn thinks Taylor would have gotten much more in the open market.

“I think it’s an awful deal for Tyrod, and I hate saying this for players,” Quinn told co-host Bruce Murray on the SiriusXM Blitz. “One, because much like any other quarterback who falls into a free-agent category, who I believe will be able to capitalize off that — which I think Tyrod Taylor will. If I’m picking between Tyrod Taylor and Mike Glennon, I’m picking Tyrod Taylor to lead my team. I can justify using the interception ratio for Glennon and his stats, and he’s a prototypical pocket passer and all of that. But Tyrod Taylor has done more with less in Buffalo in the time that he’s played than what I saw from Mike Glennon when he first started playing.

‘I personally feel like Tyrod Taylor deserves to get paid more’

“Now, two different scenarios because Glennon’s been in the league three years. He’s got a lot of upside because he had to play as a rookie, bad football and all that. But Tyrod Taylor sat, he learned, he’s now grown, he’s now starting and I think he’s continuing to get better. I think if you want to make an argument of Mike Glennon or Tyrod Taylor, who’s going to get paid more, I personally feel like Tyrod Taylor deserves to get paid more. He might not, but either way, they’re going to be close. So that being the case, if Mike Glennon’s getting $15 million, what do you think Tyrod Taylor’s getting? He would have at least got, in my opinion, what he would have had based on his old contract, which was $12 million this year, a signing bonus of $800,000-plus, his overall cap was (more than) $15 million.

“So why, in God’s name, would you rip up that contract, not force it on the team, to be in a situation where they don’t have to possibly give you $30 million? Or you become a free agent and you go to the Browns or you go to the Jets or you go somewhere else where there’s a need for your services and teams are willing to pay?”

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