Presidential scandals, little-known facts and more all week on Stand Up! with Pete Dominick

It’s not just President’s Day here at SiriusXM Insight. It’s President’s WEEK. Stand Up! with Pete Dominick is bringing us five days of little-known presidential facts, behind-the-scenes peeks and — of course — scandals. Tune in at 9 am ET every weekday, Ch. 121.


Monday Feb. 16

Kenneth C. Davis, bestselling author of Don’t Know Much About the American Presidents, he discusses the origin of Presidents Day.


Tuesday Feb. 17

Michael J. Gerhardt, Constitutional Law Professor at UNC and author of The Forgotten Presidents: Their Untold Constitutional Legacy, tells us about the lesser-known presidents.


Wednesday Feb. 18

Ambassador Capricia Marshall, served as Chief of Protocol of the United States under President Obama from 2009 to 2013, tells Pete about how presidents prep for meeting foreign dignitaries.


Thursday Feb. 19

Brian Abrams, writer and author of Party Like a President: True Tales of Inebriation, Lechery, and Mischief From the Oval Office, discusses presidential scandals.


Friday Feb. 20

Andrew Card, former Chief of Staff for President George W. Bush from 2001 to 2006. He goes through the day-to-day life of the president (and his chief of staff).

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