Poll: Who deserves the next hip-hop biopic? Ed Lover says Bad Boy Records

On the tails of Straight Outta Compton‘s success, Backspin‘s Ed Lover discussed which artist or group should be explored in the next biopic after N.W.A. In his opinion, it should be Bad Boy Records.

“The Bad Boy story is so ill ‘cause you’re taking Puff from sneaking on the train from Howard University to intern at Uptown, to meeting Heavy D, to meeting Mary J. Blige, to meeting Jodeci, to getting let go and becoming a mogul in his own right with Bad Boy … Why aren’t we making the Bad Boy’s story!?” Lover says enthusiastically. “Bad Boy is the next sh*t that should happen. If they do Straight Outta Compton 2, Bad Boy is the next sh*t that should happen!”

His argument on why Bad Boy should be next:

We want to know who YOU think should be given the next hip-hop biopic. Vote in the poll below!

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