Piper Perabo, starring in USA Network’s television series, Covert Affairs, which returns June 24, joined Wake Up! with Taylor on SiriusXM Stars this week to reminisce about the (not so) good ol’ days of high school.

“The worst thing that I had was there was also a girl (Jackie) in my high school that I thought was super cool, so I joined the track team … Her picture was always in the school newspaper, I thought that was so cool,” Perabo said. “One day [Jackie] was stretching by the chain-link fence by the track by herself and I thought, ‘Now’s my chance, I’m gonna go talk to Jackie.’ So I went over and threw my leg up on the fence and I’m trying to touch my toes … I go to change legs and my sneaker loop got caught on the top of the chain-link point, and I fell and my leg wasn’t as long as the fence so I was just hanging there by my sneaker.”

Worst of all: “Jackie just looked at me and shook her head and walked away! Left me hanging on the fence!”

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