The New Orleans Saints made a major move at the start of the week – major being the understatement of the offseason – dealing prized tight end Jimmy Graham to the Seattle Seahawks. Graham’s now former quarterback, Drew Brees, was quick to react on Twitter.

Phil Simms told Adam Schein on Mad Dog Sports Radio that the Seahawks not only got a tight end, but also a “really big talented wide receiver in the deal,” while the Saints were forced to make the move because of the salary cap.

“I do know that the Saints are absolutely destroyed by [the cap],” Simms said. “And I actually sometimes sit and keep thinking, are they gonna try to tear this team up and start over? Or are they going to keep trying to put band-aids on it and surviving, and I think they’re going with the latter. … Right now, I say there’s no way they can be a factor in the NFC next year.”

The conversation soon turned to what, in year’s past, would be an unspeakable proposition: If Simms were in the Saints’ front office, would he trade Brees?

“I would say I probably would,” Simms said.

Simms initially said “it’s not gonna happen,” but then took a half-step back and acknowledged a sliver of a possibility.

“I don’t think it’s completely out of the question. Drew Brees would fit into a lot of teams right now, and really make them almost a Super Bowl contender right away,” Simms said. “That would be a desperation move by the Saints. You got me thinking here; you caught me by surprise.”

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