According to baseball’s all-time hit king, the one big obstacle standing in between David Ortiz and a trip to the Hall of Fame? Hits, naturally.

Wednesday on MLB Network Radio, Chris “Mad Dog” Russo asked Pete Rose if Big Papi has the resume of a Hall of Famer. Said Rose: Not yet.

“Well I think he’s probably on his way, but I don’t know how many guys are going to put players in the Hall of Fame with just a little over 2,000 hits,” Rose said. “I think Papi’s got to get a little more than 2,000 hits to really think about going to the Hall of Fame.”

Rose continued to compare Ortiz to fellow designated hitter Edgar Martinez, and suggested the magic number for hitters to earn a trip to the Hall is 2,500 hits. In his career, Ortiz has 2,023 hits; according to, the “Average Batting HOFer” has 2,396 career hits.

Rose also reviewed Carlos Beltran’s Hall of Fame credentials, evoking Dave Parker’s name as a comparison.

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