Ahead of the World Cup, soccer broadcaster Seamus Malin sat down with legendary Brazilian soccer player Pelé for a SiriusXM Town Hall on SiriusXM FC, channel 94.

Pelé, who was part of a major soccer revolution in the United States, discussed his experience playing at Giants Stadium in the 1970s, and how it feels like it was just yesterday. Pelé talked about his transition from Downing Stadium to Giants Stadium.

“It was a big surprise, but, we come here for that,” Pelé said. “To promote, to help, and to have a response, to see what we’re supposed to do here.”

He also revealed that the United States’ soccer fan base is better than the countries with the more talented and world-renowned players.

“Today, people don’t realize the base of soccer in the United States is better than Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay,” Pelé said. “It’s amazing the power of the football, soccer in the United States.”

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