Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready interviews Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant on Pearl Jam Radio

Legendary Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant sat down with Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready for an exclusive, backstage interview at the 2015 Sasquatch Music Festival for Pearl Jam Radio. During their conversation, Plant described what it was like for Led Zeppelin to first play together as a band.

“Basically, me and [John] Bonham, we’d kind of played together a lot, and we knew what we did together was really far out. But there was nowhere to put it. We were banished by most people that we played with and considered to be a little bit nuts,” Plant explained. “So to be with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones — and we came in as kind of rookie kids — but we found that together the vehicle, that kind of consummate love child of the four different styles and gifts, was something far better than anything we could’ve imagined.”

He also spoke about the importance of creating in an industry that thrives on repetition, noting, “Being an entertainer is — outside of skill, craft, experience and whatever else it is that you grow into – repetition is a hell of an evil bedfellow.”

Don’t forget to check out the full interview when it premieres on Pearl Jam Radio Friday 7/3 at Noon ET.


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