Paul Richardson on joining the Redskins: ‘Where I’ll fit in is perfect’

Paul Richardson hit it big in the NFL free-agent market by signing a contract with the Washington Redskins worth up to $40 million.

The former Seattle Seahawks wide receiver never saw something like that happening, because he thought he would be re-signing with the Seahawks.

‘They need a downfield guy and I’m doing that’

But Richardson is thrilled to be joining the Redskins, who have both the role that suits his skills and the quarterback in Alex Smith who can take advantage of them.

“I’m excited, ready to get going,” Richardson told Jim Miller and Pat Kirwan during a recent appearance on Movin’ The Chains. “It was tough (leaving Seattle). I never thought that I would see free agency, but they had to do what was best for them. And I feel like this is a great situation for me. I think this is a great organization for me. Where I’ll fit in is perfect. They need a downfield guy and I’m doing that.”

‘You’ve got to love that — a guy that extend a play and still get the ball downfield’

He is especially happy that he’ll be catching pass from Smith, whom the Redskins acquired in a trade with the Kansas City Chiefs. Richardson is confident that Smith will make the most out of Richardson’s play-making ability.

“I’m very excited to touch the field with Alex,” he said. “I’ve watched film on him, I’ve studied him, I’ve played against him. Unfortunately, I got to play against him. He has a really strong arm. He’s confident, he knows where he’s going to deliver the ball. Very decisive. And he’s mobile and he’s running to make a play downfield with his eyes downfield. So you’ve got to love that — a guy that extend a play and still get the ball downfield. That’s a great component.”

‘I like jumping and taking the ball out of the air’

So, too, is Richardson’s knack for jumping to snag passes thrown well over his head.

“I like going and get it,” Richardson said. “I like jumping and taking the ball out of the air. But it’s going to be nice being able to run under some passes, to catch some passes and run and I’m looking forward to it. I’m happy I was able to get with a great vet like (Smith).”

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