Patrick Meagher’s Twitter Fab Five

Patrick Meagher, the host of Mad Dog Sports Radio’s The Wrap, airing Sunday-Thursday at 8 pm ET on channel 85, shared with us five must-follow accounts on Twitter. Meagher did have one omission – himself. Follow him at @PatrickCWP.

Announcer: Jay Bilas – @JayBilas

A college hoops legend. Crushes the NCAA, and provides great college b-ball info. Most important: Bilas starts everyday with a YOUNG JEEZY lyric as inspiration! Best.

Blogger: Kevin Clancy – @KFCbarstool

Quick-witted, timely, legitimately funny, and pictures of hot chicks. A must-follow. Updates regularly on a myriad of topics. Not for the PC Police.

Athlete: Joel Embiid – @JoelEmbiid

When most athletes keep it pretty tight, Embiid gets LOOSE. Hits on a married Kim Kardashian, then moves onto Rhiana. Dude just doesn’t care. Follow him before the 76ers stop him. Athletes speaking their mind is rare; Embiid is the exception.

Pop culture: Adam Graham – @grahamorama

Whether it’s music, movies or TV, Graham has it all covered. A fun follow with a quick wit, and a great guy. Not your average hate-just-to-hate pop culture purveyor.

Journalist: Adrian Wojnarowski – @WojYahooNBA

Absolute go-to guy for NBA. He’s the insider’s insider. Breaks all the big stories. A must-follow for NBA fans.

BONUS: Which groups have room to improve?

NFL bloggers

A saturated, myopic, self-involved bunch. There are plenty of great NFL bloggers and info to be had. However, the NFL’s coverage on Twitter is the most inconsistent, by far. Too many accounts trying to one-up one another. Again, plenty of good NFL info, but too much of anything is bad.

Individual team accounts

Teams can go a long way by injecting some personality and local flair into their specific accounts. Too often, they just have an intern or a random person hanging around team facilities post what’s happening. That’s not enough. In today’s age, you gotta employ a social media team that has a presence, and represents your brand efficiently

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