Don’t lie. You watched the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest on the Fourth of July, whether it was from your house, your friend’s house, or live at Coney Island.

Joey Chestnut won the annual competition this year, scarfing down 61 dogs. That was eight shy of Chestnut’s record of 69, set in 2013, but still five better than the nearest competitor, Matt Stonie, who ate 56 dogs and buns in 10 minutes.

The fact that we’re still talking about this probably has Patrick Meagher mad.

Meagher, the host of Mad Dog Sports Radio’s The Wrap, lashed out at the competition, participants in the competition and fans of the competition earlier this week.

I have a hard time with accepting the fact that Americans have a hard time accepting soccer, and they are not cool with a little gamesmanship, with guys diving – when, by the way, Neymar broke his vertebrae over the weekend – but again, we’re cool with guys dunking hot dogs into mild, disgusting water, with the buns soggy, shoving them down their throat while people cheer them on, then going over to side stage, and throwing up, coming back on to stage, and receiving a trophy from Rob Stone, or whatever D-list announcers ESPN sent there. And that’s not to disrespect Rob Stone – he’s really good at soccer, I just don’t know who was doing the announcing. Probably not him; he’s too big.

More of Meagher’s issues with the competition:

  • “Diving in soccer freaks us [Americans] out,” but then we turn around and “celebrate gluttony.”
  • Americans complain about added time in soccer, “but they’re cool with gorging losers in Coney Island shoving pig intestines down their throat with a stop clock running.”
  • As for the champ: “If you missed it over the weekend, Joey Chestnut, the biggest loser of all, won.”

Who else ticked off Meagher?

  • ESPN, for taking the competition seriously.
  • “The dad of the chick that got proposed to by Joey Chestnut on the stage. You nailed it. You really nailed this parenting thing.”
  • And finally, Meagher asked: “Who’s the biggest group of losers? The competitive eaters on stage? Or the people that came out to watch them in the audience?”

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