Pastor Frank Schaefer on The Michelangelo Signorile Show: ‘I will never be silent again.’

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Where do we stand now on LGBT Christians? Pastor Frank Schaefer, who was dispatched last year after officiating his gay son’s wedding, recently visited  Michelangelo Signorile from SiriusXM Progress and discussed what reform on Marriage Equality would look like in the United Methodist Church. “We are working hard to make a change happen. My hope and prayer is that something will change at that conference because if it doesn’t, then I fear that a schism will happen.”

During the interview, Pastor Schaefer discussed how he got reinstated back into the church, with Signorile bringing up that Schaefer’s case was “ruled on by the highest court, and reversed basically.”

“Another Reverend went through a similar situation where he was supposed to make a promise never to make that same sex marriage again. He did not make that promise, so he was defrocked and he appealed on the same grounds that my appeal was based on. You can’t be punished for not making a promise.”

Pastor Frank Schaefer did describe, though, how monumental it was finally seeing justice being served for LGBT rights, after so long. “Yesterday’s decision I really felt wow, now I really got my day in court. So finally justice was recognized and done in an LGBT case and it’s huge. To me, it’s a very huge decision.”

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