Polian sees Jets as a good fit for Romo in 2017

AAAA Bill PolianBill Polian thinks there would be at least one perfect landing spot for Tony Romo next season: The New York Jets.

Polian sees a market for the Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback, who is expected to be elsewhere in 2017 as Dak Prescott continues in the starting role that once belonged to Romo. And he can envision the Jets stepping up to sign him as at least a short-term answer to address their problems at quarterback.

‘There are people that would be anxious to have him’

“There are people that would be anxious to have him,” Polian told co-host Alex Marvez on Late Hits. “A team that comes to mind immediately, assuming that there is no handy, immediate answer on the horizon, would be the New York Jets. They’ve got a good defense, they’ve got some pretty good skill people; (wide receiver Eric) Decker will be back next year.

‘Certainly a guy that many people in New York would embrace’

“He might be the answer. And he’s certainly a guy that many people in New York would embrace. So that’s one team and, I guess, if you apply that formula, you could probably find three or four others that would fit that bill.”


Parcells: ‘Foolish to assume Cowboys won’t need Romo again’

Tony Romo

Maybe Dak Prescott will remain the Dallas Cowboys’ starting quarterback for the rest of the season.

That is what the Cowboys would prefer, assuming the team continues to play as well as it has with him behind center.

‘There’s a lot of football left’

But former Cowboys coach and Hall-of-Famer Bill Parcells thinks making assumptions isn’t a wise thing to do, especially with seven games left in the regular season. Parcells, for one, isn’t ready to rule out Tony Romo, now that he is healthy, returning to the lineup at some point between now and when the Cowboys’ season ends.

“There’s a lot of football left,” Parcells told Bob Papa and David Diehl on The Opening Drive. “I always kind of laugh at this rush to judgement on teams and players and quarterbacks. I mean, you know how many games you’ve got to win after Thanksgiving to win the Super Bowl? I mean, you’ve got a lot to do and a lot of work to do, a lot of games to play. As you know, a lot can happen and almost always does.

‘There’s just so much uncertainty’

“There’s just so much to do and so much uncertainty with the way things go and injuries and teams’ performances … you lose one key guy and all of a sudden your team’s a different team. There’s just so much going on and so much time left. It would be foolish to assume things aren’t going to change and that there may (not) be a need for Tony Romo again because there probably will be at some point.”

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