Packers’ Lang ‘excited to see what other teams think of me’

T.J. LangT.J. Lang admits he has mixed motions.

Part of him is excited about the prospect of becoming a free agent. Part of him is unhappy at the growing possibility he will leave the Green Bay Packers, for whom he has played guard for the past eight seasons. Part of him is worried about what sort of market awaits him.

‘I haven’t heard a word from (the Packers’

“I think I’m definitely excited the closer we get nearer free agency, a little bit over three weeks away, and excited to see what other teams think of me and really probably my last chance to sign, earn a nice contract here going into my ninth year,” Lang told Bruce Murray and Brady Quinn on the SiriusXM Blitz. “So, definitely, Green Bay’s the place I played my whole career. I really enjoyed it up there, but I haven’t heard a word from them, so I don’t know what the plans are.

“The closer we get, the more prepared I am to go and see what else is out there. And the part of me, too, stresses a little bit, just the unknown, I guess. Sitting here thinking maybe there’ll be five, six, seven teams that come after me and then, hey, maybe there’s only one team. Maybe there’s really not any teams. Are teams going to be turned away because I had the hip surgery, even though it’s a pretty common procedure around the NFL? It’s just so much unknown right now that I’m just trying to take it day-by-day, really.

‘I’m sitting in a pretty good spot here’

“It seems like time is really going by pretty slow until we hit that March 7-9 period when we can start talking to other teams. I’m excited to see what’s going to happen in the next couple weeks. If Green Bay calls and we can get something done, that would be awesome, but if not I’m sitting at a pretty good spot here, too, coming off a pretty solid year, making my first Pro Bowl, which was a great honor.”

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