The unofficial end to summer 2014 is here! No matter what you’re doing this weekend, whether it’s BBQ-ing, taking one last dip in the ocean, or road trippin’, we’ve got the perfect accompaniment to any of your activities — especially the road trippin’ part. We’ve gone and created not one, but NINE road trip playlists!

That’s right: The awesome programmers and jocks at Utopia, The Highway, 90s on 9, 60s on 6, Willie’s Roadhouse, 1st Wave, Soul Town, The Blend, and Classic Vinyl have created the perfect road trip playlists to soundtrack summer’s end.

From Born to Be Wild to On the Road Again on Willie’s Roadhouse to “…Baby One More Time” on 90s on 9, SiriusXM hopes to make your holiday weekend drive more enjoyable.

Check out the channels featuring playlists below!

Utopia: Robyn’s Roadtrip
Airs Saturday 8/30 at 12 pm and 3 pm ET on Utopia, Ch. 55
“Robyn is taking over Utopia all weekend, and she picked a couple of her upbeat dance tracks to keep us company in the car this weekend. My personal favorites from the driving playlist are Daft Punk’s Around the World and Stardust’s Music Sounds Better with You. I’m pretty sure I had them burned to a mix CD that I used to play on road trips!” — Utopia programmer Ben Harvey

The Highway: Highway Road Trip
Airs Saturday 8/30 at 1 pm ET on The Highway, Ch. 56
“All over America, Highway listeners will be hitting the road for the final Holiday of Summer. I think we’ve created a playlist that will keep listeners alert behind the wheel with a smile on their face as they get to their final destination. I love every song on the playlist, as each reminds of the summer season, but Florida Georgia Line’s Cruise and Logan Mize’s Can’t Get Away From A Good Time are my personal faves.” — The Highway programmer John Marks

Willie’s Roadhouse Labor Day Road Trip Playlist
Airs Saturday 8/30 at 12 pm and 3 pm ET on Willie’s Roadhouse, Ch. 59
“The two songs [from this road trip playlist] that jump out to me the most are Asleep at the Wheel’s Route 66 and On The Road Again by Willie Nelson. They’re Texas artists, and On The Road Again came from the movie Honeysuckle Rose, which was all about the free spirit of the open road. It was the perfect title song for that movie. It was all filmed down there in Texas. I think a road trip song should be something that helps propel you down the road. Something that can help you pass the time.” — DJ Dallas Wayne

60s on 6: The Saturday Drive
Airs Saturday 8/30 at 12 pm ET on 60s on 6, Ch. 6
“The 60s was the era of muscle cars and the freedom of youth on the road. With the top down, these songs sound even better! My personal picks: The Angels’ My Boyfriend’s Back, which is the quintessential girl group record with great drums……and G.T.O. by Ronny & The Daytonas, a killer track about a great car!!!” — ’60s programmer Lou Simon

Soul Town: The Soul Town End of Summer Road Trip
Airs Saturday 8/30 at 1 pm ET on Soul Town, Ch. 49
“A road trip is not a real road trip without planning a good route. Now that you have that, we’ve got 10 songs that are easy to sing along with that everybody in the car knows regardless of age or gender. They are soulful and still contemporary even today. These are the songs that set the musical trends for years to follow In ’60s and ’70s Soul.” — Soul Town programmer BK Kirkland

1st Wave: Behind The Wheel
Airs Saturday 8/30 at 12 pm ET on 1st Wave, Ch. 33
“1st Wave’s “Behind The Wheel” playlist takes me back to the ’80s, when life was far less complicated and road trips were a regular occurrence. This music is just fun; it keeps me motivated to reach my destination. My favorite tracks are, of course, Depeche Mode’s Behind The Wheel, Gary Numan’s Cars, and the B-52s’ Roam. — First Wave programmer Cheryl Porro

90s on 9: The Driving ’90s
Airs Saturday 8/30 at 12 pm ET & 3 pm ET on 90s on 9, Ch. 9
Replays Sunday 8/31 at 4 pm ET and Monday 9/1 at 8 pm ET

“I handpicked these songs because they’re excellent to drive with — either with the windows up for your own personal jam session, or with the windows down to share with the others on the road. They’re arranged for an ebb and flow of flirting-with-the-speed-limit rockers to some kick back with the cruise control tunes. My favorites are: Britney Spears’ …Baby One More Time (her debut and one of her best), Tag Team’s Whoomp! There it Is (Party Peopaaaaaaaal!!), And Everclear’s Santa Monica (just builds to this all out asphalt-burner)! *Throwing devil horns* — 90s programmer Ron Ross  

Classic Vinyl: Classic Vinyl’s Labor Day Weekend Road Trip
Airs Saturday 8/30 at 12 pm ET on Classic Vinyl, Ch. 26
“These songs are reminiscent of the joy of hitting the American Road during the Classic Vinyl era.” — Classic Vinyl programmer Brian Beddow

The Blend: Last Days of Summer Road Trip Playlist
Airs Saturday 8/30 at 12 pm ET on The Blend, Ch. 16 
Replays Saturday 8/30 at 3 pm ET
“It’s the last days of summer and The Blend has your playlist for that final road trip. Hear a mix of songs that gets you in the spirit for whatever adventure lay ahead of you.” — The Blend programmer Heidi O’Brien

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