Old-school games for your Super Bowl party

Looking to spice up your Super Bowl 50 party? SiriusXM has got you covered!

Don’t be that guy who puts out a plate of chips and dip and calls it a day. Don’t be the “Let’s go to Buffalo Wild Wings and wait on line for two hours before the game starts and then wait two more hours to get our food,” guy. Be the guy who prepared to entertain his guests in advance.

Start the festivities with some old-fashioned paper football. You know that guy at your party who can’t shut up about being the backup offensive tackle on his high school’s city-championship team? Send the intricately-folded paper flying at his face to let him know who’s running the party. Follow these instructions for the perfect paper football.

Paper football


Next, test your guests’ speed with this tricky word search. You might want to get a jump on figuring it out before they arrive. Depending on how many of your Super Bowl cocktails have been consumed, this one might take awhile.Super Bowl word search


Finally, for those wet blankets who are all, “I’m only watching to see the commercials,” and then see the commercials and are all, “Those commercials sucked,” give them some incentive to liven up with Commercial Bingo.

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