Susan Lucci offers a ‘glimpse behind the gates’ of Devious Maids and life post-daytime television

Emmy winner and daytime television icon Susan Lucci is off like a shot.

After gaining a massive fan following playing Erica Kane on ABC’s All My Children, Lucci is currently starring as Genevieve Delatour in Lifetime’s Devious Maids (season two premieres this Sunday night, 4/20). Lucci recently stopped by OutQ to talk with Larry Flick about her new television gig’s “luxurious schedule,” what it was like leaving the soap world after All My Children ended, and her unshakable respect for daytime television.

“Until this more luxurious schedule…I always have felt like I’ve frankly been shot out of a cannon,” Lucci laughed. “It was just so much to accomplish and wanting to accomplish it well.”

“I just love how Marc Cherry has written this show,” Lucci said. “I thought, ‘Wow, is that perfect – to follow Erica Kane with a character named Genevieve Delatour.’ [Delatour is] very romantic and very hopeful and vulnerable.”

“I have such respect for the work that’s done on daytime [television]. I always did. I cringed when people said that it was a training ground,” Lucci voiced. “I thought to myself, ‘You better come here so trained and with your roller skates on.’…We were in people’s homes five days a week with an hour show…I’ve seen incredible work done both in the writing, the acting, the directing.”

“I didn’t see it coming when All My Children was no longer going to be broadcast…It came as quite a surprise,” Lucci said. “There was a whole period of mourning. I did have the loss of a loved one in terms of the show and the character Erica Kane, and I also had the loss of many loved ones: that family we became, spending 12, 14, 16 hours a day together.”

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