Check out new songs playing on Octane this week from Lilith Czar, Papa Roach & more

Octane Ads 6.4Your home for new hard rock, Octane (Ch. 37), brings you fresh music from your favorite artists while simultaneously breaking the next generation of headbangers destined to be headliners. This week, Octane added songs by Atreyu, Lilith Czar, Papa Roach and more.

Listen to Octane now to catch these new tracks on rotation and see if one of them — or more — becomes your new favorite.

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“Baptize” by Atreyu
The title track off the band’s eighth studio album.

“Blow” by Eva Under Fire ft. Spencer Charnas
Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills lends his vocals to this Eva Under Fire track, which was featured in the 2021 horror film The Retaliators.

“Voices in My Head” by Falling in Reverse
Falling in Reverse’s Ronnie Radke shares his internal battles in this new single.

“100 Little Deaths” by Lilith Czar
Octane had to add this one after watching Lilith Czar crush it live at Welcome to Rockville.

“No Apologies” by Papa Roach
This forgiveness-inspired track comes from Ego Trip, the band’s first album in three years.

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