This week in the Press Pool with Julie Mason on SiriusXM’s POTUS channel, we puzzled over President Obama’s general disengagement on the CIA torture report, shared secrets with Frank Warren, and noted Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s continued extreme political makeover.

Meanwhile, will Santa’s elves bring America a federal funding deal? Or just remaindered copies of new books by Sens. Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul?

Jim Sciutto of CNN checked in from Kuwait City on a multi-stop farewell tour with Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. Sciutto, a national security correspondent, talked with Jules about the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on the CIA’s torture program.

Phil Rucker, a national political reporter at the Washington Post, discussed his recent interview with Perry. Phil and Julie agreed: Laugh all you want about the “oops” moment, but don’t count the governor out yet.

Frank Warren started Post Secret as a quirky art project, inviting strangers to send him their secrets on homemade postcards. Now, Post Secret is a cultural phenom and Frank has a new book coming out, The World of Post Secret. It’s not really politics — but still fascinating.

John Stanton, Washington bureau chief for Buzzfeed Politics, recently spent time on the U.S. and Mexico border reporting on Mexico’s efforts to stop the flow of illegal immigrants from Central America. It’s one of several trips he’s made to the region reporting on immigration issues.

And Alex Pappas, a political writer for the Daily Caller, joined Jules to lament the tragic state of political book publishing and the awful, unspeakable titles would-be presidential candidates slap on their unreadable offerings. While few could top Tim Pawlenty’s “Courage to Stand” for bland meaninglessness, several will valiantly try.

In a basement somewhere, a boring political book title generator is spitting out arbitrary combinations of Forward, Future, Courage, Unite, Stand, America.

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