No Hero: SEAL TEAM 6’s Mark Owen on The Michael Smerconish Program

Mark Owen aka Matthew Bissonnette (or rather, Matthew Bissonnette aka Mark Owen) recently spoke up about his newest memoir, No Hero, on The Michael Smerconish Program. After the release of No Easy Day back in 2012, Owen’s intentions for coming forward with his take on the Osama bin Laden raid have been scrutinized repeatedly by the public. Smerconish asked Owen if he ever fears for his safety after divulging his story.

“I continue to fly under the radar,” Owen said. “My biggest nightmare is my photo getting out because then it makes it about me. I did not write No Easy Day to be about me … In the community, we’re taught to mentor the next generation and give back and share our lessons learned … That’s what No Hero’s about. It’s about the times in my early stages of life and going through training and, as a SEAL, helped shape me into the person I am today, mistakes and all.”

Smerconish also asked Owen about the negative reactions his books have received from members of the SEAL community.

“I have tons of friends still in the SEAL community, and they all support me wholeheartedly,” he said. “Yes, there’s people that don’t believe that we should be talking in the media or we shouldn’t be writing books about it … I was motivated to become a SEAL and sacrifice fourteen years of life for this country because I read a book … I read this book called Men with Green Faces, and that’s what set me on my track, along with the majority of my brothers in the SEAL community.”

Smerconish also asked Owen about ex-SEAL Rob O’Neill, who recently identified himself as the shooter who killed Osama bin Laden in May 2011. He told Smerconish that he has not spoken to O’Neill, and while the two are not on unfriendly terms, Owen feels his intentions in writing his memoirs were not to do what many claim O’Neill has done in coming forward: Make the SEAL Team 6 raid about himself.

“I talked to my co-workers and said, ‘Hey look, this is what I’m thinking of doing. What do you think?’ And my friends supported me,” Owen said. “But they reminded me ‘Hey, look, do it the right way.’ And I have tried from the beginning to continue to do it the right way. It is not about me. It is about a massive team.”

According to Owen, all 23 SEALs from the Osama bin Laden raid are still alive. However, especially on Veterans Day, Owen thinks it important to show reverence towards those who have died serving our nation.

“I have 40 names in my contact list in my cell phone that are dead. 40,” Owen said. “There is no person on that list who is more or less important than another. It just reflects an amount of sacrifice coming from our veterans – SEAL or otherwise – that are willing to serve and sacrifice for this country, and I think on a day like today, that’s what we need to be remembering.”

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