NFL Training Camp Tour: Landry wants more returns with Dolphins

AAAA Jarvis Landry

Jarvis Landry sits down with Jim Miller and Pat Kirwan

Although he has established himself as an elite wide receiver, Jarvis Landry wants the Miami Dolphins to continue to use him as a returner.

“I like to think I can politic with it,” he told Jim Miller and Pat Kirwan with a smile at the Dolphins’ training camp in Davie, Fla.

In his first two NFL seasons, Landry returned 47 kickoffs for 1,275 yards, an average of 27.1 yards per return. He also brought back 61 punts for 560 yards (an average of 9.2 yards per return) and a touchdown.

‘Just get the ball in my hands on more time’

When Pat pointed out that Landry was in on 110 special-teams snaps last season, the receiver said, “I hope I can have more, I hope I can have more. Just get the ball into my hands that one more time or that couple extra times can do a lot for a team.”

NFL Training Camp Tour: Tannehill: Gase’s ‘attacking mindset’ fits him

AAAA Ryan Tannehill

Ryan Tannehill sits down with Jim Miller and Pat Kirwan

Continuity is always the preference, but if there was any new offense Ryan Tannehill could pick for his fifth season as quarterback of the Miami Dolphins, the one Adam Gase brought with him their first-year coach is it.

“Obviously, you like to be in the same offense and be able to build off of it,” Tannehill told Jim Miller and Pat Kirwan at the Dolphins’ training camp in Davie, Fla. “But we had the change and really excited about Adam and what he’s brought in. His offense is progressive. It’s an attacking mindset, and I think that fits myself and the players we have.”

Instilling confidence

Still, there is a learning process that began with offseason workouts and is continuing through camp. Tannehill has liked Gase’s teaching methods.

“He’s been great, just instilling confidence in me and teaching me the ins and outs of the offense,” the quarterback said. “The offseason was a little tough because, with the rules of the CBA, we weren’t allowed to talk football until really the OTAs started.

Talking life and football

“So we got to know each other a little bit before that, just talking life. We got to know each other’s personality and that type of stuff, but once OTAs hit, we were talking football and just really trying to pick his brain, understand what he’s trying to accomplish when he’s calling plays and what he’s thinking and that way, I can translate onto the field and make it happen.”

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