NFL Training Camp Essentials: What do NFL players take to camp?

It’s still summertime outside, but across the country NFL players are gearing up for that first big sign that fall’s almost here. Yep, it’s training camp time, baby. So what do players like Matthew Stafford and others bring along aside from a never-say-quit work ethic and plenty of hydration to handle those two-a-days? Well, the answers might surprise you. “Apple juice.” “Televisions.” “Extra underwear.” Some of the NFL’s biggest and brightest weighed in and that’s what we’re talking about when we say essentials. And while apple juice or plenty of extra underoos may not strike you as “essential,” you gotta trust these guys. Apple juice? Perfect for some hydration and a quick glucose burst. Those undies? Hey, these guys are sweating a lot. it’s summertime and they’re slamming into tackle sleds, jabbing through rope drills all while the hot, unrelentinge sun burns above them. Our one critique? C’mon, Matthew Stafford, a man can’t live on playbooks and game tape alone. Get yourself a hobby or, at the very least, a John Grisham book.

Want more training camp news? Be sure to check out SiriusXM’s NFL Training Camp Tour on Ch. 88 as they visit all 32 NFL teams. We’ll be kicking off our season previews starting with the Indianapolis Colts tomorrow as well. 

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