NFL Radio’s Pat Kirwan on Dolphins’ signing of Foster: ‘You can’t look at him anymore as a bell cow’

The signing of running back Arian Foster gives the Miami Dolphins considerable talent and experience at the position. It doesn’t, however, give them someone capable of carrying a heavy rushing load, Pat Kirwan said Monday on Movin’ The Chains.

“He’s only had two seasons in his whole career that he was active 16 games,” Kirwan told co-host Jim Miller. “So you can’t look at him anymore as a bell cow and you can’t look at him as a 275-carry guy. That’s what Jay Ajayi’s for, to split this up with him a little bit. I love (Foster’s) receiving skills. … My target for this guy, just on a 16-game, stay healthy, is probably 200 carries and 65-70 catches. And Jay Ajayi can pick up the rest.”

Kirwan stressed that it was important the Dolphins utilize Foster wisely and pick the right spots to make him a larger part of their game plan. “This guy, you can’t wear him out now,” Kirwan said. “He’s a 30-year-old back, with injury history, missing 24-25 games in the last three years. So that’s how I’d use him and I think you’ll get a lot out of him.

“And maybe you’re really treating him with kid gloves until we get to November and you make the big turn for him. Run him hard in the Patriot game, because you’ve got a chance now without (Tom) Brady, and then ease him up for a while, and then get him going again down the stretch. I think if you think that way with this guy, you’ve got something going.”

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