‘Next Wave Concert Series Vol. 5’: Experience live performances by rising stars

SiriusXM’s Next Wave Concert Series is back for a fifth time, featuring can’t-miss live performances from some of music’s biggest rising stars in pop, rock, hip-hop and beyond — straight to your car or home. Check out the full lineup and broadcast schedule below.

Tune in to Hip Hop Nation (Ch. 44), Octane (Ch. 37), Pandora Now (Ch. 3)Alt Nation (Ch. 36) and Liquid Metal (Ch. 40) during the times below as up-and-coming artists $kinny, Catch Your Breath, Alex Vaughn, RIPE, Bloodywood and many others perform live and talk about their music.

Week 1

Hip Hop Nation - Nation's Next Concert

Artists: $kinny, BabyBoySlimee and SleazyWorld Go

July 18 at 5pm and 8pm

July 21 at 10pm

July 22 at 9pm

Click here to stream Hip Hop Nation

Octane - Accelerator Concert

Artists: Dayseeker, The Warning and Catch Your Breath

July 18 at 5pm and 8pm

July 19 at 12pm

July 20 at 3pm

July 21 at 9pm

July 22 at 5pm

July 23 at 8pm

Click here to stream Octane

Week 2

Pandora Now - Now to Next

Artists: Hylan Star, Alex Vaughn and Hunxho

July 25 at 5pm and 7pm

July 26 at 12am

July 27 at 10pm

Click here to stream Pandora Now

Alt Nation - Advanced Placement Concert

Artists: RIPE, Windser and Lizzy McAlpine

July 25 at 5pm and 8pm

July 26 at 3am, 9am, 12pm and 3pm

July 27 at 7am, 5pm and 10pm

July 28 at 10am and 7pm

July 29 at 8am

Click here to stream Alt Nation on SiriusXM

Week 3

Liquid Metal - Hard Attack Concert

Artists: Unto Others, Bloodywood and Undeath

August 1 at 5pm and 8pm

August 2 at 8am and 11am

August 3 at 2pm

August 4 at 10pm

August 5 at 7pm

August 6 at 1pm

August 7 at 6pm

Click here to stream Liquid Metal on SiriusXM

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