Shane Connolly recaps the fifth week of the NBA season.

Last week, the Warriors were the consensus No. 1 team in the NBA Today Power Rankings. They were challenged this week, but managed to sweep a four-game East Coast road trip.

The Grizzlies had impressive road victories at Portland and at Sacramento, and earned a couple of No. 1 votes, but ultimately the Warriors maintained their top spot.

Injuries wreak havoc on rankings

Our NBA Today Power Rankings are done as if each team played today, so obviously injuries play a huge role in where teams are ranked. No week illustrated that more than this week. On the positive side, the Oklahoma City Thunder rose 10 spots in the rankings with the impressive return of Russell Westbrook. Dropping in the rankings were the Raptors, who fell from No. 3 to No. 8 with the loss of DeMar DeRozan and the team’s subsequent losses.

Preseason favorites moving back to the top

Prior to the season, every NBA Today analyst picked either the Bulls or the Clippers to make the NBA Finals. Both teams got off to rocky starts and fell to No. 9 and No. 10 respectively last week, but managed to respond this week. The Clippers swept a four-game road trip that included a win against a fellow top 10 team in the Houston Rockets, while the Bulls went 3-1 on their road trip,finally getting some consistency from former MVP Derrick Rose.


Voters: Justin Termine, Mike Dunleavy, Eddie Johnson, Noah Coslov, Brian Geltzeiler, Shane Connolly

Rank (LW) Team
1 (1) Golden State Warriors
2 (2) Memphis Grizzlies
3 (4) San Antonio Spurs
4 (5) Portland Trail Blazers
5 (9) Chicago Bulls
6 (10) Los Angeles Clippers
7 (6) Houston Rockets
8 (3) Toronto Raptors
9 (7) Dallas Mavericks
10 (8) Washington Wizards
11 (12) Cleveland Cavaliers
12 (16) Atlanta Hawks
13 (15) Miami Heat
14 (11) Phoenix Suns
15 (13) Sacramento Kings
16 (17) Milwaukee Bucks
17 (20) Denver Nuggets
18 (14) New Orleans Pelicans
19 (29) Oklahoma City Thunder
20 (18) Brooklyn Nets
21 (23) Indiana Pacers
22 (22) Orlando Magic
23 (19) Utah Jazz
24 (21) Charlotte Hornets
25 (24) Boston Celtics
26 (26) Minnesota Timberwolves
27 (27) Los Angeles Lakers
28 (25) Detroit Pistons
29 (28) New York Knicks
30 (30) Philadelphia 76ers

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