NBA Today Week 21 recap: Lots of respect for Spurs; not so much for Bucks

R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Otis Redding and Aretha Franklin sang about it, and our analysts have it, for Gregg Popovich and the Spurs. Despite having the sixth-best record in the West, our analysts slot them as the fourth best team in the conference. The defending champs haven’t had a vintage season this year, but they’ve only fallen outside our top 10 two times all season, mostly due to the belief that this veteran team will be able to figure out a way to succeed as they have done for almost two decades under Popovich.

The Milwaukee Bucks currently sit in sixth place in the Eastern Conference standings. They’ve had a nice season for a young team, and even earned Jason Kidd some consideration for Coach of the Year. However, according to our voters, the Raptors (current three-seed) and other top teams in the East should be licking their lips at the chance to match up with Milwaukee in the playoffs. Our analysts placed the Bucks at No. 22 overall and No. 11 in the East due to their paltry 4-13 record since trading away Brandon Knight.


There’s a clear winner for the Most Perplexing Results this Week, and it’s the Detroit Pistons. We already know the Pistons have had an up-and-down season, but this week’s results take that to a new level. The Pistons knocked off the No. 4 Grizzlies and No. 11 Bulls in Detroit, then went on the road for another impressive win over the No. 20 Celtics. Sounds like a great week, right? Well, in between those three excellent wins, the Pistons dropped a game to the lowly 76ers (ranked 29th). If anyone can figure this team out, let us (or Stan Van Gundy) know.


Rank (LW) Team
1 (1) Golden State Warriors
2 (3) Cleveland Cavaliers
3 (2) Atlanta Hawks
4 (4) Memphis Grizzlies
5 (6) Houston Rockets
6 (7) San Antonio Spurs
7 (8) Los Angeles Clippers
8 (5) Portland Trail Blazers
9 (9) Oklahoma City Thunder
10 (10) Dallas Mavericks
11 (11) Chicago Bulls
12 (16) Phoenix Suns
13 (12) New Orleans Pelicans
14 (14) Toronto Raptors
15 (13) Washington Wizards
16 (17) Utah Jazz
17 (22) Miami Heat
18 (15) Indiana Pacers
19 (18) Charlotte Hornets
20 (20) Boston Celtics
21 (23) Brooklyn Nets
22 (19) Milwaukee Bucks
23 (21) Denver Nuggets
24 (T-25) Detroit Pistons
25 (24) Orlando Magic
26 (T-25) Sacramento Kings
27 (27) Los Angeles Lakers
28 (28) Minnesota Timberwolves
29 (29) Philadelphia 76ers
30 (30) New York Knicks

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