NBA Today Week 11 recap: New York Knicks at bottom of power rankings

For only the second time all season the 76ers do not occupy the bottom spot in our rankings. The 76ers previously jumped up to No. 29 in early December following their first two wins of the season. This week they have climbed all the way up to No. 28 and are firmly out of the basement. A unanimous choice at No. 30 for most of season, only one voter had Philly in the basement this week.

With the 76ers ascension from the No. 30 spot, there’s a new worst team in the NBA: the New York Knicks. It might not be all bad for the Knicks, though. When the 76ers took their previous one-week hiatus from the basement, the Pistons were ranked No. 30. Now a mere five weeks later, the Pistons have shot up all the way to No. 16. While we at NBA Today can’t prove that our rankings have served as the motivation for the Pistons, we can’t rule it out either. I guess we’ll see if the Knicks can follow the Pistons’ rise from the basement.

Little movement at the top

At this point in the season it seems like a top group might have emerged. There is only one slight change in the top six this week (Grizzlies and Bulls flip-flop at Nos. 4 and 5). Not only did the top group keep their spots, but there’s also a big gap in the average ranking of the top six teams. The No. 5 Bulls had an average rank of 5.2 with the Rockets were right behind them at 5.6. The No. 7 Wizards though were all the way down at 7.8


Rank (LW) Team
1 (1) Golden State Warriors
2 (2) Atlanta Hawks
3 (3) Portland Trail Blazers
4 (5) Memphis Grizzlies
5 (4) Chicago Bulls
6 (6) Houston Rockets
7 (10) Washington Wizards
8 (7) Dallas Mavericks
9 (9) San Antonio Spurs
10 (8) Toronto Raptors
11 (11) Los Angeles Clippers
12 (13) Phoenix Suns
13 (12) Oklahoma City Thunder
14 (14) New Orleans Pelicans
15 (16) Milwaukee Bucks
16 (21) Detroit Pistons
T-17 (15) Cleveland Cavaliers
T-17 (20) Sacramento Kings
19 (19) Denver Nuggets
20 (18) Miami Heat
21 (26) Charlotte Hornets
22 (17) Brooklyn Nets
23 (22) Utah Jazz
24 (23) Indiana Pacers
25 (25) Los Angeles Lakers
26 (24) Orlando Magic
27 (27) Boston Celtics
28 (30) Philadelphia 76ers
29 (28) Minnesota Timberwolves
30 (29) New York Knicks

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